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Children Embracing - Charitable Giving

It's no secret that suffering abounds in our world. Hunger, disease, and poverty affect billions of people globally and while there's no immediate cure for these things, donating to effective charities helps to alleviate suffering and improve lives. Children are the most severely affected by hunger, disease and poverty around the world. At a certain point a child becomes an adult and is responsible for his or her own decisions and life. However, before they reach this age, children are essentially helpless. That is why we've decided it's time to look into our charitable planning and research the most effective charities for children. We have also decided to donate to a Christian organization as we strongly feel that the hope offered in the Bible is the real cure for mankind's problems.

We've consulted the website GiveWell and have chosen two charities that help children, based on an evaluation of the effectiveness of their programs. GiveWell uses the results from its research into specific programs to make a conclusion on the overall effectiveness of the whole organization.

Malaria Consortium

Malaria Consortium is a foundation that endeavors to lower the risk, exposure, and mortality of Malaria and other infectious diseases in areas where the number of cases are high and there is a high prevalence of poverty.

Here's some of what GiveWell had to say about their seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC):

"There is strong evidence that SMC substantially reduces cases of malaria. Malaria Consortium has......found that 92% of children received at least one month of SMC treatment (out of four possible months), 71% received at least three months of treatment, and 55% received all four months of treatment. (More)"

"SMC is a program with a strong evidence base and strong cost-effectiveness. (More)"

SMC is just one of several programs that are conducted by Malaria Consortium to reduce the impact of malaria and other infectious diseases on children.

Please visit GiveWell's review of Malaria Consortium here for more information.

Helen Keller International

Helen Keller International (HKI) is an international organization founded by Hellen Keller in the early 1900s to combat the prevalence of preventable blindness and mortality in poverty stricken and malnourished areas of the world.

Here's some of the findings GiveWell had to say about their Vitamin A Supplementation Program (VAS):

"There is strong evidence from many randomized controlled trials (RCTs) conducted in the 1980s and 1990s that VAS can substantially reduce child mortality... HKI has conducted studies to determine whether its mass distribution programs reach a large proportion of targeted children; many of these studies were targeted at areas with suspected low coverage and overall the surveys found moderately positive results. We have also investigated the question of what effect HKI's support has on programs and found a number of cases where it seems likely that HKI support is necessary for supplementation to occur. (More)"

"Standout transparency – it (HKI) has shared significant, detailed information about its programs with us."

"Room for more funding – we believe that HKI could productively use more funding than it expects to receive to scale up its VAS activities."

VAS is just one of the programs that HKI is involved with in the prevention of blindness and mortality in children.

Please visit GiveWell's review of Helen Keller International here for more information.

Finally, we have chosen The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society's Worldwide Work as our Christian charity donation.

Their Mission:

"To help individuals, through a study of the Bible, to come to know the God of the Bible, Jehovah; his purpose for mankind; and His solution to the problems humans face in the world today. To encourage and uplift families and individuals and to help persons of all backgrounds live better lives and have a hope for the future. To show from the Bible how Jesus Christ left a model for all humans to follow and to help persons benefit from his life course."

The Bible promises that God will put an end to suffering and restore the earth and its inhabitants to peace and harmony forever in the near future. Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide carry out Jesus' command to "Go and make disciples of peoples of all the nations" - Mt. 28:19, extending the invitation to all people to accept this free gift that will solve all of humanity's problems - the true cure to suffering and injustice.

Donating to the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society will help them with publishing Bibles, writing and publishing Bible based literature in over 900 languages, education programs for missionaries travelling to distant lands, weekly Bible education programs, construction projects for Kingdom Halls and branch facilities, literacy programs to teach people how to read and write, disaster relief efforts around the globe and more. Click here for more detailed information on the activities of Jehovah's Witnesses worldwide.

Please visit for answers to many common questions about the Bible.

After much consideration, it has been decided that we will allot 2% of all the revenue generated by Outlet Appeal to these three charitable organizations. This will go into effect immediately going forward. The amount given to each will be an even split of the 2% of the company's revenue. The 2% of revenue will be calculated monthly, and the amount will be held in a dedicated account. Donations will commence January 1st 2019, and will continue quarterly thereafter, or whenever a sizable amount is reached, whichever comes first.

We're excited to give back to humanity with this charity program and pray that our efforts may alleviate the suffering of children, and all people around the world. We would like to sincerely thank our customers for supporting us in this and hope to continue serving you for years to come.

Matthew Thomas

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Ann-Jeanette Holland
Ann-Jeanette Holland

November 06, 2018

This is a awesome idea . Great thinking and giving Matt.

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