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Top 10 Fall Beauty Tips for 2018

Fall is finally here, and it’s time to say goodbye to the heat, humidity, and styles of the summer. We’re entering a world of cozy knits, softer palettes, and of course, boots. For what we’re seeing so far, this fall seems to be all about color that pops and hairstyles that are relatively simple but absolutely eye-catching.

What’s Trending this Fall


The biggest change taking over this fall is the hairstyling. From accessories big and small to bringing back the bob, there’s been a lot of emphasis on new hair trends as we round the bend into the fall.


Hair accessories have been one of the biggest new trends so far, and whether they’re showing up as small additions to a hairstyle or big and eye catching, they’re certainly all over the place.

Big Clips HairstylesComb Headband Hairstyles


90’s accessories are popping up everywhere. At Fashion Week, we saw comb headbands, big clips, claw clips, and thick headbands.


The bob is also making a comeback, and we saw this in a few different ways. Bobs are often seen as a sort of marriage between old-fashioned and glamorous, and for good reason. The first entrance this hairstyle made was in 1915, and it rose to fame shortly after during the 1920s along with the flappers. It seems only fitting that we’re now seeing this hairstyle pop back into fashion as we get closer and closer to the 2020s.


Blunt Bob HairstyleAngular Bob Hairstyle

From angular to blunt, bobs are back.


It’s not just 90s accessories that are showing up in hair, in general, we’ve started seeing big and small accessories brighten up any outfit.


Hair Accessories StyleHair Accessories Hairstyles 


Best Makeup


Autumn in makeup means moodier lipstick colors and smokey eyes, but it can also mean experimenting with something a little bit different. We’re seeing a lot of exciting new makeup trends in action as fall 2018 gets going.

One of the easiest trends is the “pink cheek” look we’ve been seeing.

Pink Cheeks Natural Blush

Just enough color to look like you’ve taken a brisk walk on a chilly day. When looking for the right color to best match your natural blush, here’s a tip: check the inside of your lip to find your truest blush tone.


This color allows for a gentle warm-up of your face coloring, and we saw it used uniquely across the runways. Don’t feel limited to normal application. With such a natural coloring, you have a little more free reign and flexibility. We saw this peachy color show up as a contour, in the hollows of cheeks, and even across the temple. One artist applied it high across the cheekbones all the way up to the eyebrow bone for an overall warm and flushed look.


If you’re looking for a less natural look and want to take it up a notch, you only have to layer the lighter blush for a bolder, rosy effect.


Layered Blush Bold Rosy Effect

The contour look has undergone a major update. Bold contouring went out the door this season, and we’re now working with a more low key and subtle version of its previous self.


Cheekbones are still being highlighted, but subtly, with more of a focus on the true natural shape of the face. Some models showed barely perceptible definition at all.


Emerald Smokey Eye

We already mentioned the smokey eye, which is a given in the fall. But a new addition is the emerald smokey eye, which offers a colorful pop that’s still true to the colors of the season. To achieve this look, line both the top and bottom of your eye and get smudging.


Rich Red LipsDeep Red Lips

Red lips are still not going anywhere. The tone has deepened a bit from the bright red of summer to the richer red better suited to the fall, but the red lip is still in, and who can say they’re surprised by that at this point?


Brow Stains Bold and DefinedBold and Defined Brows with Brow Stains

We’re sure you’re dying to know- what’s the state of brows for this season? The brow has been the focus of the year, makeup-wise, and we aren’t out of it yet. The look is still here for those major, eye-catching brows. New brow stains are also taking over the market as an alternative to professional brow tinting. The stain deepens the color of the arch of the brow which enhances its shape. The effect can last up to a few days and gives users a bolder, more defined brow.


Based on this, the best makeup for 2018 seems to be slight variations of the previous looks. Keep contouring but go softer. Focus on your natural blush and play it up if it suits your fancy. Red lips aren’t going anywhere, and if you’re leaning towards the bold colors, try out the emerald smokey eye for something new and bright.


Fall Clothing Favorites


Animal prints are making a huge comeback this season. Zebra, snake, cheetah, we saw it all on the runway. Aside from animal prints, there are a few colors in specific that seem to be shaping up to be the fall fashion palette for 2018.


Violet, sea green, pink in all its various shades, poppy red, burgundy, spiced yellow, bright orange, and nebulas blue were the colors taking over the runways. While burgundy and spiced yellow are pretty typical of a fall fashion color choice, the brightness of the others is something new.


Overall, fashion seems to be heading in a hugely new direction, if the Fall 2018 shows were any indication. Gone are the heavy dividing lines between men’s and women’s fashion, with both now being presented together on the runways. Some designers are all together doing away with the idea of seasons for clothing, but one thing that stood out was the idea of style as a way of addressing the world around you. With political upheaval, activism, and the major conversations dominating America, the clothing on the runways this year seemed to be about the person within them instead of the actual pieces themselves. That could also be due to the difficulty of nailing down a real compromise on what the actual consensus was for the major trends of the season. Are the bright colors the way to go or is it the neutrals that were popping up more?


A coat can make you feel not only protected, but also strong, and we saw a lot of models rocking them at the shows this season. Along with the animal prints, the 80s were a huge source of inspiration. Prairie dresses and monochromatic looks in bright colors dominated. Plaid is back in a big way, with many predicting that the gray plaid blazer will be everywhere over these next few months.


Double Breasted Striped Blazer Jacket & Trouser

Feel the confidence and rock the neutral color of the season in Outlet Appeal’s double-breasted blazer jacket.


Button Up Knot Front Plaid Pencil Skirt

Stay right on trend with this gray plaid skirt.


Grid Pattern High Collar Long Sleeve Two Piece Set

Rock that 80s look! This two-piece high collar crop top and pencil skirt offer a nod to The Crown while focusing on one of the major styles of the season.


Casual V-Neck Butterfly Shirt Mini Dress

Make this season’s love for animal prints fit your style! This butterfly print mini dress works great for warmer days or with leggings once it gets a little cooler. You can find it here.


Skincare Tips


Everyone has their skincare tips and routines that they swear by. Just because you have your tried and true methods, however, doesn’t mean it’s not time to dabble in something new. Remember as well, that as we leave the heat of the summer and head towards drier and colder air, your skincare routine and products will have to adjust accordingly.


The first set of tips in regard to skincare to keep in mind is that it’s an indicator of your inner health and wellness. That means that the amount of quality rest you get, what you’re eating, and whether or not you’re properly hydrating are all playing a big role in how your skin looks. You’ve heard it a thousand times, we know, but make sure you’re using sunscreen as well! Your skin will not only thank you now but will also thank you later. For food, there are some snacks that give your skin an extra boost.


Almonds are not only a healthy way to knock that salt craving out but are also a key to great skin. The omega-3s and vitamin E plump up your skin, keeping it smooth and healthy. Citrus is another helpful and tasty way to treat your skin.


Lemons offer support to your liver and kidneys which can help you achieve a natural detox. The vitamin C has also been shown to aid in the prevention of wrinkles as an added bonus. Believe it or not, chocolate, and dark chocolate especially is packed full of rich antioxidants that can protect your skin and keep your brain sharp. So all those people who told you to avoid chocolate in fear of acne were full of it- no scientific evidence has been found to back this whatsoever.


Feeling thirsty? If it’s too early for a glass of wine, reach for a mug of white or green tea, whose benefits include extra hydration and anti-aging properties. But if it is wine o’clock, enjoy it knowing that one glass of red wine has the antioxidants that keep your skin glowing and protected against free radicals.


One of the best beauty trends of 2018 is also one of the most cost-effective. Ginseng, beloved addition to tea, has also been found to have phenomenal effects on your skin. Apply it topically to stimulate blood flow, which keeps your face firm and even gives it an extra glow.


And speaking of topical face products, have you tried one of the Korean sheet masks yet that are popping up all over? The first time you give it a go, you might feel a little uncomfortable with how the mask fits. Most users just learn to deal and leave it be. But, we recently heard a little tip that’s made all the difference. Don’t just unwrap the mask and slap it on, because you’re sure to find yourself with bits that are tented up and out of place no matter how many times you try to correct it. You can actually cut these masks to fit your face better. Start by cutting from the side of the fold at the nose to the eye hole to make sure you get it fitted on the top part of your face. You can also make a small cut below the cheekbone.


No matter what age you are, keeping your face young is an important part of day to day confidence. Everyone hates to hear it, but those nights you collapse in bed too tired to wash your face or at least remove your makeup is the worst thing you can do for your skin. That buildup of oil and dirt isn’t doing you any favors, and breakouts aren’t fun at any age. This season’s trends all point towards a focus on natural looks, so avoid that tanning bed or self-tanner and embrace your natural skin tone to keep your skin young and fresh.


Finally, one of the best gifts you can give your skin is a day that is makeup-free. Destress your skin and save a little time in your morning routine and let your pores soak in product free oxygen. You can still use lip balm and mascara, so no one at work asks you why you look so “tired” today if you want to, or you can just shrug it off and enjoy that extra twenty minutes of sleep you got while not applying any makeup at all.


The Wrap-Up


We are so excited about this fall’s trends. From the rich hues to the revamped hairstyles and the great outfit combos, this year’s fall beauty tips are all rooted in plays on color and a changing style. Try something new this month and celebrate the season.



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